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Today's Headlines - 12/22/2014
Swine Flu In India Claims 8 Lives In Telangana, Andhra Pradesh; Bird Flu Alert In Other States
India’s southern states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are dealing with swine flu, also known as the H1N1 virus, which has so far killed eight people in the two states. In the country's north, officials are attempting to contain a suspected case of avian flu in local birds.
Swine flu kills 8 in Andhra, Telangana; bird flu alert in Chandigarh
Dr Subhakar said, "Avian flu is confirmed in Chandigarh but there is no need to panic, just be cautious."
Germany to step up bird flu testing after new cases discovered
HAMBURG (Reuters) - Germany will on Monday announce compulsory testing of ducks and geese for bird flu before slaughtering after two more cases of the H5N8 strain of the disease were discovered, the country's agriculture ministry said. A new regulation forcing all ducks and geese to be tested for bird flu before slaughter will be announced later on Monday under urgent approval procedures, a ...
Bird flu poultry restrictions lifted
Restrictions on the movement of poultry in East Yorkshire after an outbreak of bird flu at a duck breeding farm are lifted.
Anti-H1N1 drug shortage feared as another tests +ve in Hyderabad
A Kukatpally resident tested positive for swine flu on Friday even as a mad scramble ensued among the city health workers to get anti-viral drugs. Experts warned that Hyderabad could run out of stocks, if the government does not procure them in view of the crisis.
Bird flu alert in UP: import of poultry products banned
Lucknow, Dec 22 (IANS) Following reports of a bird flu case in Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh banned the import of chicken, eggs and all forms of poultry from other states, an official said Monday.
Bird Flu Alert in Uttar Pradesh, Import of Poultry Products Banned
Following reports of a bird flu case in Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh banned the import of chicken, eggs and all forms of poultry from other states, an official said on Monday.
Bird flu scare: Poultry birds on surveillance in Chandigarh
Chandigarh, Dec 20:  In the wake of bird flu scare, Chandigarh administration has begun surveillance on poultry birds within 10 km radius of the city even as fumigation and sanitation operations continued in and around Sukhna lake. "We have put
Bird Flu Found in ‘Backyard’ Oregon Poultry Flock, USDA Says
The disease known as bird flu has been found in a “backyard” poultry flock in Oregon, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said, adding that there’s no immediate public health concern.
Chandigarh on high alert of Swine Flu; 8 killed in Andhra, Telangana
Hyderabad/Chandigarh, Dec 22: Chandigarh city has been placed on high alert against the deadly Swine Flu after birds in Sukhna Lake have been tested as Avian Flu and reports of over 300 crows dying under mysterious circumstances. Doctors are alarmed

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